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There are four hunting DVDs currently available (that I know of) about Ethiopia. "Death in the Rift Valley" by Big Bore Productions is ok, he is the guy that made really good wild hog smash and bash dvds with big bore rifles. He seems to be a fairly normal type of guy, and not a Weatherby award seeker. I think he is an investment banker in San Diego. He hunts with Ethiopian Rift Valley Safaris.
This one is ok. He is one of the Weatherby seeking toolbags. I'll have to watch it again when my kids aren't going crazy. It is the newest, Jason Roussos seems to be clearly annoyed with the guy. I had never heard of this guy or his company.

This is an older DVD: Lee Lipscomb, who I don't know anything about, it was shot well. He's not as much of a tool bag as the guy above this one, but it is an older dvd. I didn't order it this time, as I had it on VHS. I haven't watched it in about 8 years, but I remember it being a decent video. Not sure how the transfer to DVD went. I would get it, if I was going to spend $100,000 to hunt with the Roussos.

Of course this is Peter Flack's dvd. I think it is worth owning. Like most of Peter's dvds he doesn't show the kill shots. If this bothers you then, well it is what it is. http://www.peterflackproductio...ountain-miracle.html

Andy Samuels had a VHS tape that was done by Osprey on Ethiopia in the 1990's. I have not seen it turned into a DVD. It might be on the Bolt Action Africa series.
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