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I have been doing more reading than usual since April. Mainly out of boredom as an old heart condition has recurred and my cardiologist has largely restricted my physical activities while he messes with meds and dosages prior to an actual corrective procedure.
I scored a cheap buy of this book by John Wooters on an internet sales site and found it a delightful read. The authors name caught my eye as I remember keenly reading many of John's articles in Petersens Hunting and Guns and Ammo ( I think ) many years ago in my youth. First published in 1976, the year I finished high school, I was amazed at how little many handloading practises and techniques have changed since John penned this book. I guess sound principles stand the test of time. I consider myself an experienced and capable handloader but certainly added to my basic knowledge via the wisdom John imparts in his writing. There is nothing confounding or overly technical in the way John explains things and his prose flows so easily I found myself rereading sections to ensure I hadn't missed important points.
Anyway, I am very pleased I found this useful handloading reference. I marked off several pages of good info that I might more easily refer to them again later.

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A good way to spend your reading time; but as you said, a lot has changed since then. Buy some new manuals + experiment. Some SOLID facts never change but regulation of pressures do.

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