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I'm trying to find an Ed Zern article

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05 November 2015, 00:30
I'm trying to find an Ed Zern article
It was one where he related the story of an irate Abercrombie and Fitch customer who had bought a set of golf clubs for her husband for Christmas, but they were not delivered on the date promised. She fired off a blistering letter to Mr. Abercrombie himself detailing her anger.

Abercrombie wrote back apologizing, and telling the woman that he had launched a personal investigation into the missing golf clubs, but could find no record of them in his New York store. However he continued the investigation at other A & F stores. He says that such investigation eventually bore fruit and that the golf clubs in question would be delivered, forthwith, along with the original sales slip with delivery instructions -- FROM MACY'S!!!

It is one of best examples of customer service I've ever seen, and I often use this story in meetings. However I don't have the original "Exit Laughing" column anymore and have not had any luck finding it on the net.

Anyone remember it?
05 November 2015, 17:26
I missed that article, but it reminds me of the Nordstrom customer service legend of agreeing to take back a set of tires.

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