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World Cup predictions
one of us
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Argentina does not look like it can win the cup with their play so far in the tournament.


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one of us
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Russia won 1:1
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one of us
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Originally posted by Wink:
I predict Brazil and Argentina in the finals, with Brazil winning.

Hi Wink

Sure that Argentine will be the winner.

The most impressive players : Costa Rica, Mexico and Algeria.

So far the best player, el senor Guillermo Ochoa, Mexico goalkeeper, blessed by Dona de Guadalupe.

J B de Runz
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one of us
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My new prediction is that the finals will be between Germany and Netherlands. But this is why I don't bet money on sports, my predictions never work. Last night's game was amazing, so I predict Germany wins the cup. Given my track record you should probably bet on Argentina.


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I think Germany will win it this time.

I am very impressed with their play, very professional.

Glad to see Brazil and Holland being knocked out.

Brazil should never have got as far as they did - their performance has been a total shambles.

I never really liked the way the Dutch play.

Too rough, and too much play acting. They dish it out, but when they are at the receiving end they cry like little babies.

Algeria, Costa Rica and the US were the best teams.

They all played with passion.

Algeria played like their is no tomorrow, hats off to them.

England were an utter disgrace! And got what they deserved.

Walter is in heaven.

He is rooting for the Germans to kick Argentina's butt! rotflmo
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