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First it was a F-22 last week and not to be outdone we lose a F-35 this week. Fortunately the pilot is safe - at least the problem with the ejection seat was apparently resolved.

This is starting to get expensive.


F-35 Has Crashed In Florida, Second Aircraft Loss For Eglin Air Force Base In Five Days
The aircraft was on a routine night training mission when the incident occurred.


Details remain scarce at this time, but an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter that was flying out of Eglin AFB, which is located on the Florida panhandle, has crashed. Thankfully, the pilot was able to eject and is safe. The incident occurred at around 9:30 pm local time and the F-35A was on a routine night training mission.

This is the second crash of an aircraft operating out of the base in less than a week, with an F-22 Raptor going down on Friday, May 15th. Thankfully, in that incident, the pilot was also able to eject and survive the mishap. If the F-35 is destroyed, it would be the third crash of an F-35 that resulted in a total write-off of the airframe.

NEWS RELEASE: An F-35A Lightning II assigned to the 58th Fighter Sq crashed upon landing around 9:30 p.m. today @TeamEglin. The pilot successfully ejected and was transported to the 96th Medical Group for evaluation and monitoring. The pilot is in stable condition. Cont.

At the time of the accident, the pilot was participating in a routine night training sortie. First responders from the 96th Test Wing are on the scene and the site is secured. The accident is under investigation. There was no loss of life or damage to civilian

Eglin AFB is home to a large number of aircraft. It is a major training base for F-35, and more recently, F-22 aircraft, the latter of which were displaced after Hurricane Michael ravaged nearby Tyndall AFB. Eglin AFB has myriad other missions, including being the home of weapons development for the Air Force's tactical aircraft communities and supporting other developmental missions.

The nearby Eglin Range Complex hosts all types of training and weapons development activities, among other events. Duke Field lies deep within in it, and Hurlburt Field, home of Air Force Special Operations Command's headquarters, as well as the Navy's primary air training base of Naval Air Station Pensacola, sit very close by. As such, the base sees many types of aircraft frequent its expansive aprons and runways and the nearby ranges.


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Eglin literally ever aircraft in the US military inventory for testing, at least in the environmental chamber, a huge hanger that can test systems in extremely cold to very hot temperatures, along with a lot of commercial aircraft needing such testing. At least that was the case when I was stationed there 40 years ago. They also tested many non nuclear aircraft delivered munitions and the delivery systems. I honestly have forgotten how many bases are located on the Eglin reservation, I know Eglin main, Hurlburt field, and Duke field which have paved runways, and then there are several "unimproved" dirt strip bases. I can remember going north to Interstate 10 and seeing a C130 dropping illumination flares and then as a gunship hearing the large guns firing at a target. It was a fascinating place to be. I understand that Pensacola Naval Air Station, Eglin, and Tyndall AFB combined occupy a large part of the FLordia panhandle. I know Eglin is about 25-30 miles N-S and around 40 E-w and Tyndall, just east of Panama City takes in about the same area.

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