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A question for our Scotsmen

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26 October 2020, 19:46
A question for our Scotsmen
. . . or anyone else among our learned AR participants who can give me the answer to this off-subject question.

What is the correct phonetic pronunciation for the name "McQuesne"? Is it a commonly found name in Scotland (or Ireland)?
27 October 2020, 18:07
Heym SR20
Not seen it before here in Scotland. More likely to have French routes and probably pronounced McKwane, McQueen or McKwine with the S being silent - pronounciation is probably more to do with whomever has it as their name.

Note that a lot of Hugenouts left Northern France in the 1600's and 1700's and came to both England and Scotland.

Mc and Mac in Scotland is the belonging to the Quesne family. Mc was probably added to make it more Scottish.

To be honest in Scotland there are plenty of family names and place names that sound very different to how they are spelt.

"Drumelzier" - a village and mountain down in the Borders is pronounced "Drumellier"
29 October 2020, 01:17
Never heard of it - check your spelling - most likely McQueen - a Skye name.

I grew up not too far from Drumelzier (Drumellier) and Kilncadzow (Kilcaigie)..
29 October 2020, 06:37
Big Wonderful Wyoming
I knew a couple of McQueen's in Australia, and one of the biggest assholes I have ever met in my entire life was a fat lady named McQueen she was from Kentucky.

There is an really famous Australian hooker named Christine McQueen, she tried to sue one of her John's for alimony.

The Australian's I know, aren't related to the hooker, I think it is a stage name.

It is a funny thing when you hear a name and it brings up another memory.
02 November 2020, 07:16
Nope, spelling is "McQuesne" and is correct, at least as far back as the 19th Century. Of course, spellings get mangled through the years so whether this is the original spelling or a corruption of the original spelling is unknown.
02 November 2020, 23:11
Use Enough Gun
spellings get mangled through the years so whether this is the original spelling or a corruption of the original spelling is unknown.

Very likely. You find that with many names, especially once you start doing family history. Sometimes the current and the early names are nothing at all alike!
02 November 2020, 23:48
Heym SR20
03 November 2020, 05:18
Originally posted by Heym SR20:

Hmmm. . . the "Quesne" seems to have a French origin (not surprising), while the "Mc" may have been appended to it when some former French found themselves in the Highlands. It appears that the English pronunciation is something like "Mc-keen". Some I know have pronounced it "Mc-canie", and others phonetically as "Mc-Quez-nie". Another possibility might be "McCain". Thanks for the Wiki tip.
05 January 2021, 05:29
Alec Torres
My wife, who was educated in English schools, had friends named DuQuesne. She (and they) pronounced it "DuKenney". I think the McQuesne name is simply the same name Anglicized. I would pronounce it 'McKenny'.
06 January 2021, 11:03
It's pronounce 'McWain', like John McWain in Die Hard, Shirley McWain, etc. Smiler