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How Very Sad!
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Yup very sad and several lives ruined.

These sort of accidents should never happen, but human nature being what it is accidents will never be completely eliminated.

Serves as reminder to all though.
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But they will happen with driven game shooting in populated areas. I did a bit of hunting in Germany back in the early 80's and was quite surprised how close to the population a lot of the hunting was. Shooting deer and hare in vineyards surrounding a village with walking tracks around and through the vineyards for villagers to enjoy the countryside.
Sitting with your back against the armco barrier of a state highway shooting deer in the woods and scrub beside the highway and nearby village.

Even shooting in the forest (I was around the famed Black Forest area) was dicey as there were people walking through the forest all the time and in winter skiers all over the place.

I went on one driven hunt, sounded like a war zone, and who knows where bullets were flying. I got myself behind a big tree and stayed out of sight, just enjoyed the big eat and piss up afterwards.

Back then, part of getting a hunting licence (Jagdschein), which I got, and then renewing the licence every year, was having a million or so DMs of public liability insurance before the licence would be issued or renewed.

One issue is the tendency to use larger calibres and heavier constructed bullets for hunting in heavily populated Europe even just for boar and the small roe deer. The more frangible 222 or 223 type cartridges were not used.
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When I was young I did those hunts
I refuse to partake in them since my early 20’
Even caught some bb’s in m6 coat couple of times and had bullets whizz by

" Until the day breaks and the nights shadows flee away " Big ivory for my pillow and 2.5% of Neanderthal DNA flowing thru my veins.
When I'm ready to go, pack a bag of gunpowder up my ass and strike a fire to my pecker, until I squeal like a boar.
Yours truly , Milan The Boarkiller - World according to Milan
PS I have big boar on my floor...but it ain't dead, just scared to move...
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There’s no problem if you follow the okd adage of only shoot into a solid earth backstop that you can see fully
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