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My 2020 Whitetail season...
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Hit the coyote with the .257 Wby in the neck at 263 yards, Bullet turned 90 degrees and went through the back of the skull into the nasal cavity. Impact velocity was around 2700+fps with a beginning velocity of 3,650.

The Mark v Deluxe .300 Wby Coyote was right at 100 yards. 180gr Norma Spitzer. Saw him around 500 yards sneaking around and did a short 3-4 second sequence with the hand call. He looked like he was leaving after I did that. Ended up circling wide trying to get the wind right...but still popped out in-front of me. 12" exit wound.

The photo of the 3 coyotes together was the 263 yard, 106 yard and 212 yard .257 Weatherby dogs. That cartridge works like a champ.

Coyote with a 100gr Interlock in its nose.

Recovered bullet

212y frontal chest shot, no exit (257wby)

Coyote with the .300 Wby Deluxe

One day's total with the .257 Wby

.257 Wby Entrance wound

The hand call is a Kettle Creek Call Backstabber. It is my favorite...with a Rabbit distress on one end and a mouse squeaker on the other. I used it on each coyote (While Deer hunting) to get them in for a shot. I've kept it in my Alaska Guide Creations binocular chest pack so I always have it. The owner of KCC was a member here for a short period of time as well as Texas Predator Posse...but FoxPro made him an offer and bought his business (and patents), and started making their own version of the Backstabber. I hope he is in good health and doing well.

Hope you enjoy the long read

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I heard West Texas deer looked different than other Whitetails.

The interlock did not hold up to 2700 FPS.

Did you get a bounty on those dawgs?
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Nice shooting those fawn killers.
I have shot some coyotes with my 257 wby while antelope hunting. The coyote never hears the shot.

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I wish there was a bounty on them, but oh well...they are a lot of fun to shoot.

You're right about that df06! I thought I may have missed the coyote at 263y...he fell so fast from the bullet impact I missed watching him fall, even at that distance.

The 257 Weatherby is an impressive cartridge. Actually I am impressed with all of my Weatherby calibers
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In the 1970s I hunted coyotes at night with a call and ran a 5 mile trap line on my ranch south of Marathon Texas...Coyote hides were bringing $125 each back then..Bobcats were bringing $600 in colorado sold with Lynx bundles..I sold my bobcats to a colorado fur buyer for $375.00...The fur biz was booming and it will again at some point I suspect..

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