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Cartridge storage
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Is there any issue with the storing of loaded ammo over time? Thinking of issues like maybe the black powder will compress and "cake", changing the burn rate.
I have lots of 577/500#2 ammo loaded, and to complicate the issue, they are duplex loads (15% 5744). I made sure to store them upright to hopefully get around any blending of the two powders, but am I missing anything?
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Boy, Jimmy, I wish I had an informed opinion to share, but I don't. If you are in Alberta, you are probably subject to temperature and humidity extremes. My thought is that I wouldn't want to store this for more than a year or two unless under very controlled conditions.
Down here in New Mexico, with most days in single digits of humidity and 340 days of sunshine a year, I am not so concerned.

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I have fired somkeless ammo from the 1920s and black powder ammo from the 1880s. I reload with powder that was priced at 3$ a pound. Everything seems to work well.


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