Browning/Win. BPCR front sight inserts
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If you own a Miroku Browning or Winchester BPCR or have a rifle with a Lyman 17A globe front sight you may be interested in picking up a set of front sight inserts being sold by CDNN for a heck of a low price ($9.99 + shipping). CDNN bought the remaining sight card inventory of the manufacturer that made the inserts for Browning. Since Lyman 17A inserts will also fit the Browning, the Browning inserts will also fit Lyman 17A globe front sights.
Here’s the link.


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Just an FYI .
I own several of the Browning Miroku BPCR rifles.
I also own several of the standard rifles with a Lyman 17A.

I have experience with both insert sets.
For me I get the best results on blavk bullseye targets with aperture rear sight and aperture front sight inserts.

I find the Browning insert rings too narrow to see.
The much wider Lyman lollipops work much better with my eyes.
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Thanks Tex, ordered two. Ireload, I've had the same problem with Shavers inserts, a quick and dirty solution is to hit the insert with a couple of coats of flat black spry paint before installing it in the sight itself. For me this added just enough body to help.
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