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PUMA White Hunter Knife??
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Have one of these knives and used it for lots of years for all manner of chores, skinning to just whittling on limbs. Seems easy enough to sharpen when needed and definitely solid in all respects. Replaced the leather sheath since original become worn after so many years with newer one. Are these knives considered to be a good quality knife compared to today's market of knives?? Couple of my buddies seem to drool when they handle it, but to me it's just a big ugly knife that does whatever you ask it to do. Are they still made by PUMA?? All replies appreciated.
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Puma still makes them. Cost = over 200.
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They are a high quality, mass produced knife.
the early ones were serial numbered.
The Puma web site has them listed at $470.00.
I have had one for about 40 years, scabbard fell apart years ago.
There are better designs for skinning, but it will work for that as well. A good multi purpose knife.

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That is one great knife. I've had mine since 1970 when I was at Ft. Hood in Killeen + a buddy needed $10.00 for milk for his baby. I told him I'd loan him the money until payday but he would'nt go for it. Had to sell something I bought it + never looked back..I have several nice knives including a Randall but the Puma is the one I always take hunting.

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Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. Came by my Puma similar to what you describe and about the same time period if not earlier.
Helped a buddy out of a jam and he had the knife new at that time and he "repaid" me by giving me the knife. While living in Alaska kept a boat docked at Seldovia and the knife got used for about anything you can imagine and reason I brought up the subject was going through some of my gear and found it wrapped in oil cloth and handling it again brought back lots of fond memories. Again, thanks for the replies.
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I have had them over the years but they were always worth too much to actually use, so I got a White Hunter II, and use the hell out of that. It has a rubber handle so is not as pretty as the WH.
While they are not the best knife for a lot of purposes, the coolness factor outweighs practicality.
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A unique design and used by the Selous Scouts. Older ones are nicer than new ones.
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