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Someone here may be able to help???? I have read in the past that one could take a new knife and cut some produce (apples, oranges, something) and get a "pre-stain" stain before cutting meat. Don't even know if I am remembering this correctly (age is coming on quickly). Can anyone help? Would like to have a nice patina before work begins! Thank you in advance, Arthur Olds
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Arthur, yes that works good on carbon steel blades. Stainless no. Put you some oil such as mineral oil on it after the apples [it's the citric acid doing the patina]. That helps retard the rust. It's the same as seasoning in a good cast iron skillet.
Good luck this hunting season.

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When I was in my teens (long ago) our favorite pocket knives were the Case Trappers. First thing when we got a new one was to plunge each blade into a grapefruit. Turned them a dark carbon black color and we'd then follow with a light oil treatment. From then on they usually only got oiled when we sharpened them but it was enough to keep them from rusting.
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Put the knife in a glass of lemon juice.....result in a blue/gray stain.
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