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Parang vs. kukri
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I recently bought a couple of machetes, one a Cold Steel Kukri, and then a Gerber Bear Grylls Parang. I can't begin to say how superior the parang is to the kukri for brush cutting, limbing and other such uses. Not only does the parang blade angle cut more efficiently, the steel in the Gerber is holding its edge. The Cold Steel blade went dull almost immediately.
Just my two cents' worth, in case someone is considering one of these two blades.

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Good report.

However, remember that the Kukuri was not designed for brush clearing and wood cutting.

It was designed (over 2,000 years ago) for chopping up people. A job it did (and still would I guess) very well indeed.

So having said that, I tend to agree with you that the Parang is more adept to brush and wood clearing than the Kukuri.


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There must be at least 1000 different jungle knives in the world. That's quite a big choice .I happen to like kukris and have a 24 oz similar to the military ones and an 18 oz also .I also have a 16 oz knife with 8" blade . All are working knives and my choice for the job depoends on exactly what I am cutting.The 24 oz is capable of cutting large limbs.I used to have a book about the Burma campaign and the author spends a chapter explaining the use of each type and the importance of the group carrying a full assortment to do all the jobs.
I disagree that the kukri was for chopping people .All of the knives can chop limbs of various types - take your pick !!
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