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Elmer Keith style knife ?
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I have been wanting a Elmer Keith style for a while now after seeing a Harvey Draper in a old gun magazine. What is the history on the style of this knife as to the design of the blade?
Who made the original knife for Elmer? Who makes them today? Is there a photo of Elmer`s own knife?
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I believe it was Gil Hibben who designed and made the original knife for Elmer Keith. I can't be 100% sure, but that is all I can remember for now.
I know he still makes knives and you might try and contact him. There is a maker named Steve Voorhis, who makes some really nice knives. I remember seeing one by him done in Elmer's design. I have owned a couple of Voorhis knives and they are very nicely done. The problem is, I have bought mine from dealers and have yet to find an address or anyway to contact him directly. Hope this helps.

After I posted this I found his site. Has a Keith style listed for sale at $650.
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I actually got one of these ss a Guns & Ammo subscription premium many years ago. I can remember, but I think I gave it away.

Found a picture of the thing:

Was a very simple knife but not well made. After learning more about blades and the craft, I'd have to describe it as "cobby" and unfriendly as the guard and pommel combination would not be easy on the hands and the blade is not a particularly useful shape.


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I believe the origonal was made by John Nelson Cooper. The Guns& Ammo give away knives were made in Japan. Cheers, Luke
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AMRA,,believe I still have a couple of those, look just like the one in the bottom of the pic,,if your interested in one drop me a line

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Somewhere I've got one of the "subscription" knives. I think it is one of the worst designs imaginable for ordinary hunting use. The blade is too big for inside the chest cavity use and not long enough for general butchering/camp use. You could pick almost any modern using type knifemaker, throw a dart blindfolded at a page of his various designs and be better off.

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