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Benchmade started business in 1988 w/ the "Bali-Song" -- which is why their "butterfly" logo.

I just checked their web site: and it seems they're no longer producing the Bali-Song Mod. 42. -- listed retail at $280. They offer a similar model w/ G-10 scales, titanium frame for $265.

I have an early Benchmade Bali-Song, black alloy, machined handles, stainless blade. I don't see it discussed online. I expect it's an early Benchmade import. I picked it up at a gun show for $25.

Bali-Song is like owning a yo-yo, and way more fun than "contact juggling" with a "Fushigi" . . .

Anyone here do the Bali-Song tricks?
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Yuppers. I have a 51-91, a Morpho and one older one, my work knife, forget the model...may be the 42 but it's the titanium handle, 154cm blade "weehawk" profile Bali-song. I own a couple from Bear Mfg and it's a night and day difference, obviously. The bears are slow and sluggish, but robust enough to use on a daily basis. They have rough edges and a more square profile. The benchmades are quite comfortable to handle and carry, and are easier to do the tricks with. I don't like the morpho as much as the others, as I do like a longer blade.

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Yeah, the 42 has a weehawk blade. I'd never use one for a "knife" . . . I use them for "tricks."

Benchmade is right up the street, along w/ Gerber, Kershaw, Columbia River Knife & Tool.

But Benchmade says they're not making the 42 any more. If you want one, search retail sellers who have one in back stock.

Practical Weehawk Blade Shape
Skeletonized Titanium Handles
Spring Latch for Easy Open
Unparalleled Benchmade Fit and Finish
Country of origin: USA

Blade Length: 4.20"
Blade Thickness: 0.125"
Blade Material: 154CM Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness: 58-60HRC
Blade Style: 42 Weehawk
Weight: 4.10oz.

Clip: Sheath Included
Lock Mechanism: Bali-Song
Overall Length: 9.40"
Closed Length: 5.20"
Sheath Material: Nylon
Class: Blue

See Also
> Model 32 - Morpho® Bali-Song®
> Model 51 - Bali-Song®
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These were sold many moons ago. 42,43,45,46.

The right one had the etched logo and blind pins.

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The 43 is awesome. I have a custom made tanto point butterfly/bali-song with aluminum handles and ebony scales. finish isn't as nice as I'd like, but at less than a third the cost of the benchmade I'm happy.

Interesting thing, I had an original Filippino bali-song my father brought from the Philippines in the 80's, it did not have the little "ears" at the bottom of the blade. it made for a much cleaner profile. especially closed.

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