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farrier's hoof rasp
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just figured out how to farrier gave a a hoof rasp. how do you make a knife out of it. remove rough sides,shape and temper. just a project for someone who doesn't have a clue.

thanx,guys ( be kind)
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For rasps and files you first need to grind them smooth or the teeth will show and the finished product most likely won't look like those knives advertised that look like they are made from files.

Anyway, I suspect you are planning on grinding to shape the blade. First thing to do is put it in the coals of a wood fire and let the fire burn out overnight. That will anneal the metal. Now grind your shape into it, remember to have a pot of water and dunk it frequently. It is not as important as it will be later, but you want to get a feel for grinding so you do not overheat the metal so might as well start developing that feel at the beginning when it isn't so bad if you mess up. When you are happy with the blade then get the grind marks out by draw filing or sanding, then harden and temper the blade. See, simple and easy! rotflmo

The hardening and tempering is pretty easy to do too, but someone else can post how to do it.

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check where the rasp is made if its india or china it may not be hi carbon steel - just case hardened mild steel and may not harden.
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Someone over at the 24 Hour Campfire did an interesting knife using a Farriers rasp as a starting point. It was in the knife forum.

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