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"Howe" sweet is this!!!!!!!!!!
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A while back I had the opportunity to talk to Dale Howe about some of the blade styles and scale materials that I like.

I've long been a fan of the Green River Buffalo Skinner, and I also like carbon steel.

I had recently acquired a knife from Rick Menefee that had rams horn scales. I like the texture and durability of rams horn.

I asked Dale if he had ever worked with 3V, and if he would consider something along the lines of a buffalo skinner inspired blade shape out of 3v with rams horn scales.

Well lo and behold when I got back from the lease, this little beauty was waiting at the P.O. Box

The ambidexterous cross draw is my favorite for carry

The red liners and the way Dale grinds and polishes give a translucence to the scales that is finer than frog's hair.

Thanks Dale,

can't wait to use it to skin a Just Perforated Porker.



PS: Dale's website
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That's a sick looking knife.
(the grand kids tell me "sick" means wicked-good!
Damn nice! (those are my words)
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I really like that knife.

There is something about the lines of a well proportioned Semi-Skinner, regardless of the maker, that I find appealing.

Thanks for sharing.

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Good design and good choice of materials.

Keep the Pointy end away from you
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truly amazing the rams horn.
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Very nice and useful blade there! tu2

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Pretty dang slick!!!
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