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"Track" Knives
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About 35 years ago, I met a couple of guys from Whitefish, Montana. I believe their names were Pfrimmer and Propp (?)...I think they were geologists who spent a quite a lot of time in Alaska, and they had been making knife handles from mammoth ivory they found in Alaska.

Anyway, they ended up coming to my neck of the woods; we went hunting together, and they took home a bunch of my old moose horns to use for knife handles. I wouldn't take any money, but later on they sent me a dandy knife (and one for my buddy) in return for the moose horns. They called their outfit Track Knives, and I heard later they hooked up with Ithaca to market on a bigger scale.

They were a real decent pair of fellows, but I lost track of them (no pun intended!) and wondered if anybody knew anything of them. I still have the knife, and it's about as good as any I've ever come across, period. It sure has skinned a lot of moose over the years!
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Photos please.

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Sorry; I kind of forgot about this thread. The masking tape is simply to cover my name, which the guys engraved on the blade.
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