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Another New Custom Bowie has arrived!

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16 March 2009, 05:47
Another New Custom Bowie has arrived!
I named it "Cheyenne" after my good friend and idol...Clint Walker! Check it out thumb

"That's not a knife..THIS is a KNIFE" !
16 March 2009, 08:30
Fantastic!!! Great pictures of the process. I love to watch a craftsman at work. I have fancied your neck knives on the web page the past few weeks...would like to purchase one. I have a custom project in mind if you would be willing. PM me if interested.
Thanks, ND Smiler

Stephen Grant 500BPE
Joseph Harkom 450BPE
19 March 2009, 21:36

Between your big bore rifles, big bore revolvers, and big bladed knives you have some of the coolest s**t around...

Sometimes there is no spring...
Just the wind that smells fresh before the storm...
19 March 2009, 22:44
Thanks Pal! Not to bragg,but being single all these years has allowed me to have Alot of fun with gorgeous girls and alot of toyz!(you should see some of the hotrods,harleys and offshore boats I went through!) Smiler

"That's not a knife..THIS is a KNIFE" !
19 March 2009, 23:15
LOL .. nice knife.. i'll offer you $75 for it, when you are bored with it!!

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20 March 2009, 00:23
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"That's not a knife..THIS is a KNIFE" !