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Electric knife sharpeners?
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My wife, bless her heart, got me a cheap knife sharpner ( presto). Is there any way to use these with out taking hours to regrind the edges of all my knives and still keep an edge on them ( the cheep kitchen knives won't shave but the do slice well). Thanks in advance....lost
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The only thing I have to say about electric knife sharpeners is..........not with my knives. If you have an inexpensive set of kitchen knives you don't really care about have at it. Any blades you care about I wouldn't get anywhere near the thing. That said, they do have their purpose for people who would otherwise spend their entire life with dull blades. I personally have never haed a good experience with them.
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I'd say use it to keep all of the kitchen knives sharp, but keep it at that and she'll love you all the much more for it.

There is a reason you do not see electric sharpeners being used on quality knives with thick spines, or face it Lansky, Smiths, Buck, Spyderco, etc would all be marketing them too.

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Even after 25 years of marriage my wife will pull a gaffe like this once in a while. Bless her heart she means well but it puts one in your dilemma.

I think an "accident" is in order. Just don't be obvious or overly gushy in your penitence and all should be well. Wink

Or you can just keep it for the junk knives and not let the good ones get near it.

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