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Want to learn to make knives
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I have a fondness for knives. Hard to walk past a counter with knives for sale, ask my wife, just can not go past.
So I am considering learning to make knives. I have a workshop that can easily handle the task. I have some cash to throw at it and most of all my wife's approval!!
I ma the type of guy who woild rather get a leg up and learn a bit before jumping in and trying to figure it out from scratch.
I live in virginia and ma willing to travel to do so, but would rather be closer than further.
Saying that, any ideas of a place to go for a beginner to learn a new hobby. Not looking for a new career, just a fun hobby.
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Most knife makers are very willing to help a sincere beginner. I'd look for a local who would help. Barring that, consider attending a "hammer-in" in Washington, Ark or other locations.

There are several good books on the subject which should get you started.

There are lifetimes of experiences, information available on Blade Forums and other knife sites. Go there, use the search features, and then ask questions if you can't find an answer, which would be unlikely.

When considering US based operations of guides/outfitters, check and see if they are NRA members. If not, why support someone who doesn't support us? Consider spending your money elsewhere.


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are you wanting to forge or is stock removal more your speed? I am a stock removal guy as I don't have the space for a forge and my neighbors would probably string me up if I started hammering hot steel all the time!

You can make a nice knife with a hand drill, hacksaw, some files, and sandpaper, but a 2x72 grinder will speed the process, as will a horizontal steel cutting bandsaw. I use a portaband in a Swag Offroad stand and a Coote grinder.

I second the perusal of bladeforums and buying some books. Is there a style of knife you want to make? or just experiment? any interest in making folding knives? They add a degree of difficulty and I wouldn't start out with them.

The first bit of tinkering I did was putting handles on pre-made blades from Jantz. They and USAKnifemakers and TexasKnifemakers sell everything you need as a beginner or professional.

I recommend sending out your blades for heat treating until you want to step up and buy a heat treat oven. Peter's Heat Treat for oil quenching steels does a good job, and if you want to use stainless, I would send your blade to Paul Boz Heat Treating at Buck Knives. I've had several stainless blades heat treated at Buck and been perfectly pleased with the results.

My first knives were made from 5160. I then progressed to 1095, 440C, 154CM, and A2. If you have a leaf spring maker in your town 5160 can be locally sourced, but any manner of steel is available online. The 3 resellers listed previously sell steel by the inch, as does Admiral Steel.

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search Haywood community College in North Carolina. All kinds of knife making classes.
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