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.25-06 w/ 115gr
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Barnes 115gr XLC
52.5gr of RL22
WLR primers
Hornady brass
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115gr nosler bt with 48.5gr of imr4350

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115 grain Nosler B. Tip with 55 grains of IMR 7828SSC yielding 3145 fps from a Sako 24.4" barrel.
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110 Nosler AB
58.0 RL-25
Fed 210
WW 25-06 Brass
3207 fps

Use the same powder charge for the 115 NBT

John in Oregon
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117 Sierra spbt 51.0 grs of IMR4831 WLR primer
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115 gr. Nosler partition, 54.5 gr. IMR-7828, Rem. brass, and Fed. 215 primer. This is my favorite load for a Rem. 700 Classic. It has worked well in several other Rem. 700s owned by friends.
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