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I get any people come to shoot in our range.

For them, I keep an assortment of different calibers loaded.

Most of these loads put together from left over I load for specific rifles.

Last year, I had a few 375 caliber Walterhog 300 grain bullets left after I loaded my safari ammo.

I loaded these in 375 H&H cases.

I don’t remember what powder, or load, as these are just for plinking here.

Today I got a BRNO rifle in 375 H&H, put a scope on it, and used these few rounds - there were 23 rounds altogether.

After sighting in the scope, shot a t shot group.

All in one ragged hole!!??

The friends here were laughing!
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We have a local powder manufacturer here. Lots of people complain about their products, but I have always had acceptable results with them. But in the last few years they have been struggling. A couple of years ago they had a fire which damaged part of the plant, and as a result they stopped production of rifle powders for a time.

The one I used for my 7mm became completely un-available. A while ago somebody wanted to try out the rifle, and I loaded 20 rounds with the last of my supply, and some Sierra Gamekings I had got from a friend but never tried before.

Shot the three smallest groups that rifle has ever produced with that stuff.
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Hard to beat Sierra bullets for accuracy, and they are not bad at all as a hunting bullet if loaded properly as to velocity, to the caliber. I expect sub-MOA groups with them for most of my guns that I use them in...

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