Hoping someone can date these two boxes of ammo.
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Both are 38 Special. First is this one:

Then this one. Front and back of box as end flaps are gone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Picture of cal30 1906
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I'm a bit rusty and hopefully someone else will be more accurate. I think the Remington is of early 60's and the Peter's are in the late 40's early 50's.

Hopefully this will get the ball rolling on more of a pinpointed date.

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I agree on the remington in the 60
Peters Cartridge Corp. was founded in 1887 near Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1934, Remington purchased Peters. In 1944, production at Peters plant in Ohio stopped. The buildings are now abandoned. After 1944, Peters ammunition was made in Remington's plant, and was identical to the Remington product, except for the cartridge cases and boxes. The Peters brand shotshells, with their distinctive blue color, continued to be sold separately until the late 1960s. The continuation of the Peters brand for more than 30 years after the merger with Remington is testimony to the strength of the Peters trademark and earlier reputation.
In 1970, Remington began making ammunition in a new plant in Lonoke, Arkansas and Remington closed its historic plant in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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That stuff was still around in the early 1950s into the late 1950s..Ihave a good bit of it in Rem and Peters 25-35 WCF and 30-30.

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