Super Vel Ammunition Back In Operation
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Now Hear This… The original Super Vel Cartridge Company, founded by Lee Jurras and J.D. Jones in 1963, set the ammunition world on its ear with the invention of the jacketed hollow point bullet. Super Vel became the favorite "police ammunition" for its stopping power with the hollow point expanding the bullet for greater terminal effect as well as preventing "pass through" shots (over-penetration). The original Super Vel shut its doors in 1975 and even though another entity (H&H Cartridge Co.) continued the market Super Vel for three or four years, the company was defunct by 1980. Now, Super Vel is back! Lee Jurras gave his blessing to me to restart the company and J.D. Jones joined me as a consultant to make sure I got things right! Today Super Vel is loading even better "high performance" handgun ammunition thanks to better powders and improved JHP designs. We are online at We are bringing back the Hush Puppy (subsonic 9mm that Super Vel loaded for the Navy SEALs) as well as a really potent .38 Special +P load specifically tailored for S&W J-frames. It's called "Super Snub" and launches a 90 gr. JHP at over 1,300 fps from a J-frame. We've also got two 9mm +P loads (90 gr. and 115 gr.) and a .45 ACP +P 185 gr. JHP. Check it out also on Instagram #supervel Thank you.
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Weren't you on the cover of some firearms magazine some years back in a "Saturday Night Fever" look alike white suit with your Z car and wildcat cartridge?

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Didn't make the cover, but yes, you have a great memory! It was when I was with American Handgunner and GUNS Magazines, and the cartridge was the .425 Express, which like so many wildcats, never made it Big Time. Thanks for remembering
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Good luck, Cameron. The day I turned 21 in 1974, I bought a Smith and Wesson Model 28 Highway Patrolman and two boxes of Super Vel .357 ammunition. Boy, it barked for a newcomer to magnums, but it sure was powerful and accurate.

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