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I recently acquired some new 25-36 brass and have the reloading dies. I am looking for help or advice on reloading.......what powder and how many grains would be a good starting load and do you have any idea of the max tolerable load.
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You can use the same load data published for 25-35 Winchester.
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Per Mr. Ackley, in his two volume set of books, the .25/35 WCF and the .25/36 Marlin are about the same. ( has had the books as available.) Marlin was looking for something "more" for sales purposes -- "36" not "35" !!!. ERGO .25/35 WCF data should work just fine. I suspect you might get away with .25/35 dies. This was a ladys gun in the days of the .30/30 and larger black powder cartridges. I would google .25/35 WCF and go from there. Hodgdons has a call line I believe. Guessing you have a Marlin in lever action, obviously, no pointed bullets. !! Luck. Happy Trails.
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117 gr. HOrnady RN, 27 grs of H-380 is a good deer load at 2200 plus FPs give or take. I still shoot the 25-35 Win. and have owned a few Marlins in 25-36...You can shoot 25-35s in the Marlin but not visa versa as I recall, but perhaps one could trim the 35-36 and it would work in both calibers.

BTW I shot my first half dozen elk with a 25-35 and one of them with a Marlin 25-36 that belonged to an uncle. I have also shot a lot of deer with them..They were not all ladies guns back then, lots of ranchers packed them in saddle scabbards on horse back and in their pickups on a daily bases..Lots of Texas ranch kids got them for Christmas and still hunt deer with them. My dad shot somewhere around 50 elk with a 25-35, 30-30 and later in years a 250 Savage as have I..Wonderful caliber if you use them properly and don't try and shoot past 200 yards give or take 50 yards either way..Same applies to the cute little Rem mod 14 or 141 pump or the same in a Rem mod. 8 and 81 simi auto of the same time period..They came in 25 Rem., 30 Rem, 32 Rem, and 35 Rem., well made guns, Remingtons guns to compete with the mod. 94 win. in the same calibers but the Rem. were rimless, and the 35 was to be a one upsmanship, but didn't fly,although its a great deer and bear rifle at short range

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