Officer in Iraq needs assistance
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This request was posted on another forum here site and brought to my attention by another party.;f=1;t=007694#000008

The request is more detailed than the following summary, and I would urge you to read it. Basically this is an officer who is serving in Iraq charged with making sense of the collection of firearms which have been turned in / confiscated and developing a classification system so they can be re-issued to the new Iraqi police and army. Apparently the Army is severely understaffed when it comes to people who can identify firearms and ammo other than current NATO standard . . . he and another officer with some knowledge are trying to make do with their memories and the aid of youngsters who've never had any exposure to firearms outside the military. He needs any older references which could help them ID weapons and ammo. I'm sending some ammo materials and I would urge anyone reading this to follow up on the link and see if they have anything to help these servicemen.
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Sent something yesterday. It was real basic, but it had pictures and descriptions and data. Looked like something the less informed could use. I think it was "Guns Illustrated" by David Miller. I would guess he is looking for something lie "Smalarms of the World" I gave that away awhile back.
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Is Iraq to be left as a "Free State"?

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

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Russ isn't deciding the future of Iraq, he's just trying to do the task assigned to him.
He is requesting some assistance from us with referance materials.
Are you related to that Arky that moved to New York via Washington D.C.? Because you sure seem to be making one mans need, into your own personal oppertunity to make a political statement.
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Take it from some one who went through the first Gulf War, fortunately from Germany, I do know what this officer is going through..... Orders are orders. And unless they border on the "un-humane" or outside of the "general orders", they have to follow them. I understand what is going on over there. We have to "de-militarize" these people to protect ourselves. The Iraq'is do not have a Democratic society with a constitution and a 2nd amendment... But, that is what we are trying to educate them into excepting...... so-to-speak...... I do not codone what they are doing with captured weapons, but I do understand it. It makes me sick to see such fine examples of weaponery to be destroyed! It just goes to show that Iraq was plucking every gun & rifle that they could lay their hands on! And maybe some ammo, ta-boot. Like I said... "What can you expect from the ignorant masses?!" And you can include Canada, Great Britain, and Australia, on that list! Crime rates go up! While gun ownership goes down! Hmmmmm. Go figure........ [Embarrassed]
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At risk of stepping out of line - a request was made for some assistance to identify weaponry. The fact that that request came from a member of the US Military currently serving in Iraq makes no difference in so far as the request is concerned . Those folk who responded with reference material are to be thanked by the rest of us who didnt offer any assistance.

This is not a political forum , those are found in other areas of the AR Forum. So please , the ideology or methodology creating the need for a Military person to seek outside help is not the concern of this forum. Therefore the political thoughts or ideals of posters here is not the purpose of this forum either .This is an ammunition related forum , a friendly place for information exchange on a multi national basis.

If you need to express views on politics or putting the world to rights please go to the appropriate forum and slug it out with other willing adversaries.

If this upsets anyone - I'm sorry , but this forum doesnt need to get mired in things that arent what we are about . [Smile]
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As it happens I have previous-edition copies of Cartridges of the World and Military Small Arms of the 20th Century which I was aiming to sell. Both will be on their way to the Major tomorrow.

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