5mm rimfire magnum.
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I have a full box of this caliber. It is an old white box with red and green Remington printing. The box is pretty beaten up.
I know the cartridge was only chambered in rifles from 69-74. Does any one know how much these could be worth? I will post pictures tonight.

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The Remington is still showing up on websites now and then, so I would say there is no real collector value for the cartridge. Also, Centurion (Aguila, I believe) is still making the cartridge on a campaign basis. It is still available, although somewhat hard to find.

As to pricing, with a torn up box, I would think anywhere north of about $30 would be doing very well, and that is selling to someone who is looking for ammunition for their rifle. Also, since Remington made both a 30-grain HP and a 38-grain soft point, there is the potential of maybe a bit more cash if you have the soft points.
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AT one point not to long ago they would have fetched $55.00 per box, but now they are available again..I suspect your box would be toped out at $20 to perhaps $25 per box in that the box ruins their collectability, and only a shooter would be interested....Ive had a Remington 5mm for years, kept it because it shoots dime size 3 shot groups every time, its a rough old beat up miracle of a gun. I have a dozen boxes of the old green boxed ammo and several cartons of the new stuff..

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