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Video Of Our 150 Gr 0.308 Caliber Bullet
150 gr Walterhog Solid

The video is of our 150 grain solid.

The target was actually shot with the exact same bullet, but with a hollow point.

Same program, I only disabled the drilling part, as someone asked for solids, when I took the video.

It is not something I like to do very often, as I have to disable the coolant, so that I can take a video.

I run the machine at a slower speed, then adjust it in software to normal speed afterwards.

I do this to avoid damage to the cutting tools.

Rifle was a Robler Titan 6.

Load was 47 grains of VARGET and Federal 210M primers in RWS brass.

5 shots at 100 yards in our underground shooting range.
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Cool video Cool
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Fun to see.
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Thanks Saeed. I still do .224 jacketed, 357 lead, and .429 jacketed bullets from Corbin dies. Your bullets are the bee's knees. Be Well, Packy.
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Saeed, I would think in Dubai that automobiles rusting is a problem. If you know someone that does auto body work, they could use those filings from your lathe. Body putty comes in two parts--the putty and the hardener. If you mix those filings in the putty and then add the hardener it will fill a large hole easier than putty alone. It can be sanded easily.
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