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338 Lapua Magnum
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I have a friend that is getting into competetive long range shooting with the 338 Lapua. I told him that what he really wanted was some bullets made by the likes of you folks.

If anyone is interested in selling some on a regular basis (I don't imagine more than 100 a month) please contact me at my real email address and I will pass the information along to him.

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one of us
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Hi Dan: This is Tom from Cody...why doesn't your
friend use Lapua bullets? They make an
exceptional performing bullet in .338
Lapua Magnum rifles specifically for
long, and extra long range target
shooting. Lapua also has set benchrest
records in long range shooting.
Midway has some Lapua bullets, or you can
order from the USA distributor direct...
call Lisa Donnelly at 1-800-683-0464
Why not deal with the best?

Best Regards,

Tom from Cody
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