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Not trying to scare anyone. This site does do a good job of warning U.S. citizens of risky places to avoid.

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Thanks for the tip. My mom is going back to germany in a couple of months for the 1st time in 50 years. I can't make it myself due to business but I long to see my relatives.Why are these evil people targeting civilians? Only cowards attack non combatants. In the vein of phsycological dealings with these "people" I would recommend 1st a change in terminology. 1st move is to stop calling them "Terrorists" that is a term that instills fear,we start calling them "cowardists,for example",which implies desgust in our deepest levels. Only a small move but if the media would cooperate,we could change public opinion. Anyone have any better ideas? This is about all of us.

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What about Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans and St. Louis?
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The problem with that U. S. Consular Affairs site is that it constantly warns about travel; practically everywhere. When I first moved overseas in 1990 I scared myself reading the warnings. I learned quickly to ignore them. They were just ass-covering notices. I lived in Venezuela, and travelled back and forth for ten years with the U.S. constantly warning me. There were warnings when I travelled to Colombia. Warnings when I travelled to Brazil. Warnings when I travelled to the Middle East. Warnings when I travelled to Indonesia. Warnings when I travelled to Malaysia. It is like crying wolf continuously.

A corollary to this was the recommended inoculations when travelling overseas. I took everything the first time, and found out no one else was taking them, other than newbies. I've taken Yellow Fever shots once or twice, and Malaria tablets on occasion in Africa.

The best way to stay out of trouble is to don't go looking for it.
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The best way to stay out of trouble is to don't go looking for it.

Good advice. Have to have Yellow Fever vaccine to get into Tanzania or I wouldn't bother to take it. You are simply not going to get the disease.
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