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Film at 11: How a Minnesota Station Found Old Footage of a Very Young Prince

The 1970 clip is a “miraculous” find, a former editor at the local CBS station said. It shows an interview with Prince, 11, commenting on a teachers’ strike in Minneapolis.

A most under-rated guitar player......


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Prince was an incredible talent. What an era!


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Damn, I thought you meant Prince William!

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Prince could definitely rock the house.

Say what you will about Michael Jackson too. When he came out with "Thriller" he changed the music world.

I enjoy all genres of music except rap/gangsta. I was never a heavy metal fan either. Loved soul in the 60s and 70s.

Started appreciating country music in the 70s. The more recent stuff often sounds like knock-offs of older songs. Last authentic "star" in my book was George Strait, and maybe Garth.

My wife got me interested in Latin music in the 90s in Venezuela. Took a group of American friends to the Palladium in Caracas one night years ago. Nearly blew a Peacock Bass fishing trip. They got wasted watching some wickedly beautiful Caraquenas salsa and meringue. Probably the highlight of the fishing trip.
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