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Other than the fact that Ernie Banks is famous, the scenario is familiar. I had a great uncle, married for over 50 years. Wife dies. Less than a year later, uncle dies. Care Giver steps forward with "new" will. A little too obvious. With the prospect of a legal battle and possible jail time, I'm told a small check was written, and the care giver moved on to provide "care" elsewhere.

I'm curious how you keep the buzzards from circling. Ernie Banks couldn't do it. Casey Kasem couldn't do it. Particularly with blended families, second wives, and "helpful" care givers. People live longer lives, many beyond the limits of their mental capacity.

I guess you can spend, sell, burn, gift everything you've got before you die; meaning today, since you don't know what time you have left. That really wasn't what I had in mind.

Even in my mother's case. After the funeral of her second husband. That same day, his ex-wife and son (from California) showed up at my mother's house with a truck and trailer saying they were there to pick up his things. My brother, the lawyer, advised them that they could have anything my mother cared to give them, and not one thing more. They headed back for California pretty much empty handed, but they gave it a good try.

It would be nice to leave this world without leaving a battlefield behind.
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I once saw a car hit a possum.Then out of nowhere a vulture landed , then another . 13 total ! How people-like they are ! thumbdown
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Funny! When I want to leave someone out of my will, I specifically leave them $25. That way, no one can claim I forgot them. Why I picked $25 dollars, I don't know, but it is beyond a de minimus $1, and will leave everyone guessing. Perhaps I should change it to $22.73. That would be more interesting.
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Let's look at the other side of the coin: How many "loving" relatives don't show up until the will is read and they have an audience to play to as they weep about their undying love for "old what's his name."
I have seen that happen many more times than I've seen a care giver try to manipulate a person's last wishes.
Actually, if the relatives don't want the old person manipulated by a care giver, perhaps they should spend a little more time with them. Maybe take a turn of changing diapers, and washing soiled sheets and clothing. Maybe listen to them as they rattle on about events of their childhood. Maybe take them out for a picnic or a drive in the country. maybe do a little something to earn the money they're expecting.

Aim for the exit hole
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Perhaps I should change it to $22.73. That would be more interesting.

Damn I really like that!

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