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What to do when visiting Chicago and Milwaukee? Login/Join 
one of us
I hope some of you may be able to help?

I am heading from London, England to the head office of the company I work for this coming weekend. I am flying into Chicago O'Hare on Sunday, arriving mid afternoon. I have a hotel booked in Milwaukee close to the office.

I may have some free time and intend on visiting some local gun stores. I know there are also a few Cabela's in the area which I will go and see.

My shopping list so far is.........

2 x Jewel triggers for my 7mm Rem Mag and 243 Remington 700's that I have back at home in England. Does anyone know of any stores in the Chicago or Milwaukee area that would stock Jewel triggers?

Various items of clothing including snow camo. My 10 year old twin daughters also want me to bring somepink realtree home!!! Which I am sure Cabela's will have loads of both.

I would also like to know what thermal boots would be recommended for a couple of mountain hunts I will be doing over the next few years. One hunt is not too far from home, France for chamois this coming November. I may not even need thermal boots for this trip, it all depends how early the snow comes I suppose.
I am also in the early stages of planning a trip to Kyrgyzstan for mid asian ibex. So I want thermal boots for whilst on horseback that would also being suitable for a good walk too?

I am not sure whether my next question would be possible or not? I would like to visit a range, the Milwaukee area would be preferable as that is where I am staying. In the UK it is rare to be able to fire the kind of weapons you guys can in USA, it would be great if I would be able to do this? Anyone point me in the right direction?

Any help would be appreciated.

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one of us
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Welcome to AR!

If I where going to Chicago I would be more worried about purchasing body Armor! Be careful!

I doubt anyone will stock Jewell triggers....but if you are staying a few days you could mail order them from one of the internet stores and have them overnighted to your hotel.

Best of luck.

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one of us
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270Buck: If you are ever in the Seattle, Washington area give me a shout. I would be happy to host you as my guest at a shooting range(s). We also have a couple of Cabela's nearby. Take a look at Danner brand boots. To avoid grief with any hunting boot, make sure you select the correct sock appropriate for the weather you expect to encounter.
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one of us
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The Bass Pro Shop at Gurney Mills has a decent selection of boots and clothing as well as Cabelas. Not sure where in Chicago you can buy gun parts.
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one of us
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IMHO (and I have lived there a year and a half) the only reason to stay in Chicagoland is to try the pizza. Other than that, head north. Wisconsin is about a million times more gun friendly then Illinois. Plus, the Cabala's in Richfield is bigger and you don't need a stupid FOID card to handle the guns dancing

If you want to give Chicago style deep-dish a try, the best is Pequod's. Fairly easy to get to from the airport, North on 294, go east on to Dempster st., then take a right onto Fernald ave. Parking can be an issue there. If if you give me a heads up, I could arrange for you to park at my in-laws across the street.

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one of us
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Sorry I missed this in time for your trip, but in case you ever go back, I had a case in Milwaukee recently and really became fond of the town. Sorry it's over.

My top three in Milwaukee are the Renaissance Book Store in the airport. Great old books. Got to know the owner and bought a lot of books there. They stored them for me when they wouldn't fit in my carryon.

The Ironhorse Hotel. Near the Harley-Davidson museum, its built in a refurbished warehouse. Pets and bikers welcome. Good restaurant, and, well, you just have to go there.

Third, there is a little brew pub downtown that my local counsel often took me to at the end of the day. They brew their own and have a number of selections. I like dark beer and they have a very good one. Sorry don't remember the name. It's very near that big market area with numerous lunch places downtown.
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