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Even the Rocks don't last forever
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Crazyhourseconsulting's tagline sure haunts me every time I see it in one of his old posts.

Randall and I often didn't see eye to eye but I sure feel like I learned a lot about how two guys can have vastly differing opinions on all manner of matters, and not only get along and discuss things in a civil manner, but also enrich each other's understanding and deepen our respect for the complexities of hunting.

Even though he and I argued a lot I always figured that I would book a javalina hunt with him just so that I could meet the guy and spend a day or two with him. I've never had any desire to hunt javalina before or since. I just knew that we would get along well and I really wanted to meet that character.

When I heard of his sudden passing I was kinda shocked to realize that a hunt that I had planned in my mind would never take place.

I'm not sure why I'm feeling philosophical tonight, but I am. Anyway, if at all possible I urge you to take those hunts that you have been thinking and dreaming of. Don't wait for the right time! It may never come. And spend time with your family hunting and enjoying life while you can. Tell your family that you love them every chance that you get because someday you won't have another chance.

And remember: even the rocks don't last forever.


"You're not hard-core, unless you live hard-core."

Hunting in Africa is an adventure. The number of variables involved preclude the possibility of a perfect hunt. Some problems will arise. How you decide to handle them will determine how much you enjoy your hunt.

Just tell yourself, "it's all part of the adventure." Remember, if Robert Ruark had gotten upset every time problems with Harry
Selby's flat bed truck delayed the safari, Horn of the Hunter would have read like an indictment of Selby. But Ruark rolled with the punches, poured some gin, and enjoyed the adventure.

-Jason Brown
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Well said and written.

I too think it is so ironic and prophetic whenever I reread his tagline. Pretty sad.

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He was still a human. I wasn't a big fan or enemy, thought he was strange but most people are.

I sure wish he was here to put his thoughts down.
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posted 06 December 2020 06:47
Anyway, if at all possible I urge you to take those hunts that you have been thinking and dreaming of. Don't wait for the right time! It may never come. And spend time with your family hunting and enjoying life while you can. Tell your family that you love them every chance that you get because someday you won't have another chance.

Yep, words to live by.

Hunting.... it's not everything, it's the only thing.
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Now I am much more focused on planning hunts based on who do I want to hunt with, then what I want to hunt.


What I have learned on AR, since 2001:
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2. Big game animals can tell the difference between .015 of an inch in diameter, 15 grains of bullet weight, and 150 fps.
3. There is a difference in the performance of two identical projectiles launched at the same velocity if they came from different cartridges.
4. While a double rifle is the perfect DGR, every 375HH bolt gun needs to be modified to carry at least 5 down.
5. While a floor plate and detachable box magazine both use a mechanical latch, only the floor plate latch is reliable. Disregard the fact that every modern military rifle uses a detachable box magazine.
6. The Remington 700 is unreliable regardless of the fact it is the basis of the USMC M40 sniper rifle for 40+ years with no changes to the receiver or extractor and is the choice of more military and law enforcement sniper units than any other rifle.
7. PF actions are not suitable for a DGR and it is irrelevant that the M1, M14, M16, & AK47 which were designed for hunting men that can shoot back are all PF actions.
8. 95 deg F in Africa is different than 95 deg F in TX or CA and that is why you must worry about ammunition temperature in Africa (even though most safaris take place in winter) but not in TX or in CA.
9. The size of a ding in a gun's finish doesn't matter, what matters is whether it’s a safe ding or not.
10. 1 in a row is a trend, 2 in a row is statistically significant, and 3 in a row is an irrefutable fact.
11. Never buy a WSM or RCM cartridge for a safari rifle or your go to rifle in the USA because if they lose your ammo you can't find replacement ammo but don't worry 280 Rem, 338-06, 35 Whelen, and all Weatherby cartridges abound in Africa and back country stores.
12. A well hit animal can run 75 yds. in the open and suddenly drop with no initial blood trail, but the one I shot from 100 yds. away that ran 10 yds. and disappeared into a thicket and was not found was lost because the bullet penciled thru. I am 100% certain of this even though I have no physical evidence.
13. A 300 Win Mag is a 500 yard elk cartridge but a 308 Win is not a 300 yard elk cartridge even though the same bullet is travelling at the same velocity at those respective distances.
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My wife and I were fortunate enough to do a hog hunt with Randall. He was a very interesting guy! We had a wonderful time hunting with him, and it felt like leaving a friend when our hunt was over.

He was opinionated for sure and he loved a spirited debate. In person he was one of those “larger than life” characters that you get to meet only occasionally as you go thru life. When I think of Randall, I chuckle a little, he and Yosemite Sam had some things in common!

We were planning another hunt with him when I heard of his passing, I’m sorry we didn’t get the chance to hunt with him again...

He won’t soon be forgotten around here!
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Was thinking of Randall just a couple of days ago. I tried to get in touch with Lora his wife on Facebook but she never responded. I wonder if they ever built that pond in his memory.
I sent dog biscuits and a note to Gato's widow after he passed, and she sent a nice note back.

I won't take a sermon longer than 10 minutes.
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I miss him. We too disagreed. However, we had a lot of private exchanges trading dinner preparations, family, music.

He invited me to hint with him. I had to cancel when my step mom died. We never got it back together when his death occurred.

I hope his widow is well.
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I just changed the table cloth yesterday and
uncovered the thank you card from Lora for the $50 I sent toward that pond.

Sure wish one of us could contact her again.

He and I e'mailed often. I sold him a K-6
scope he wanted that I had no use for. Said he put it on her rifle.

Real shame such a stupid accident like that killed the guy.
Shows we need to be aware ALL the time.

Thanks for bringing this up, he needs to be remembered.

In her card she wrote they had planned on coming back up here and were going to look me up.


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George L. Dwight
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One of my regrets in life was not booking a hog hunt with him. I wanted to meet him and hunting with a man is a good way to know him.

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I too miss Randall. I "talked" to Lora just today. I say "talked" because we actually had to text. Lora has contracted Covid-19 and can not talk without coughing too badly. She has taken a job and normally works days. She has not been hunting since Randall's death. I think she will be fine, eventually. Her oxygen level is seeming to remain steady but she is very tired. Staying at home bothers her worse than the virus.

I'm sorry that I don't know for sure about any pond progress. I also had Covid-19 this year so I have a little bit of catching up to do.


"Peace is that brief glorious moment in history, when everybody stands around reloading" -- Thomas Jefferson
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