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Chased a bear up a tree this morning
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I was out for my morning walk with my muzzleloader this morning. It was a nice 4 degrees F this morning.

It is muzzleloader season and I do have a doe tag to fill if I want.

I was hiking down a logging road at about a 4 mph pace talking on my phone with my brother.

I saw a bear about a 100 yards away standing in the middle of the road.

I told my brother there is a bear. Only black bears where I live.

As I continued walking I neared the place where the bear ran into the woods. At that point there is a good size white pine about 40 inches across the stump a 100 foot high.

The bear was standing with it's front paws on the tree about 30 yards away. I yelled and woofed a couple of times and the bear started to climb.

I woofed at it the, bear it hurried up the tree about 25 feet.

I stood then taking a couple of pictures for a bit. I estimated it's weight about 150 pounds

I then continued on my walk.
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Talking on a phone in bear country is just plain stupid . Leave the fucking thing at home for once. Smiler


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He is just teasing you.

Of course there are no brown bears in Wisconsin.
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I love seeing black bears.
Here's one I surprised on my way up the mountain to hunt deer one morning in Southern Oregon.

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I like seeing bears also this one would be the 14th I have seen this year.
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It's funny how bears seem to know when the season is and if you have a tag in your pocket or not.
I've had several over the years just before and just after the season let me walk right up to them or vice versa. I can recall a few times we met bears walking to us on logging roads while leading 3-4 hounds and packing a bear. 2 of the three just jumped up the nearest tree until we passed and the other just walked in the brush and came out on the road behind us.

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