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Transgender lions?
one of us
If this continues there definitely won't be any left. Eeker What the heck is the world coming to? Somebody must have released some San Francisco Zoo lionesses into the wild. Wink They've corrupted the population.
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one of us
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Might be the Hilary sub-species. We know who wears the pants at that house...
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one of us
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I'm going with severe inbreeding as the cause.
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one of us
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In the late 1960's there was an article in Scientific American that drew from a series of studies. Researchers were able to show a direct correlation between population density and homosexual activity in mice and other animals. Studies further revealed a correlation between human population density and the percentage of homosexuals in the population. As homosexual activity increased heterosexual activity and reproduction decreased. The relationships were well documented. The researchers said that one explanation of homosexuality increasing as population density increases might be that it is some natural mechanism to prevent over-population.

Homosexuality wasn't the only behavior to increase with increased population density. Researchers found that if a population were "allowed
to exceed a comfortable density level, then many catastrophic events occurred such as increased mortality among the young, cannibalism,
homosexuality, and lack of maternal functions."

The article and studies received the same public outcry that the Scientific American article on race and IQ recieved. It was bloody! Of course both articles and their supporting studies were shelved in the "Oh my God we can't say that" section of Area 51 where Indian Jones' Ark of the Covenant is stored.

So, maybe this is just nature's way of controlling lion population density.

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