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Some time ago I was in contact with a gunsmith who specializes in turning Rumanian M93 and Dutch M95 Mannlichers into sporters and from the photos published does a magnificent job. I have lost his name and address and would like to know if anyone knows who I might possibly mean and how to contact him.
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Stephen Coker is the name I had been racking my brains for. I don't know if he is still in business. The web site for his company evidently no longer exists.
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Using the one of the pages mentions a "Mike Rowe" in "Northwestern Arkansas", maybe you could try finding him if someone here doesn't chime in.

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Mike Rowe posts on NE website, usually in the double rifle section. Stephen Coker was in NW Ark as well if I recall, built beautiful English style sling swivels and other accessories.
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I have been working on a Dutch for the past few months, I could not find anyone either. So I just motored on. I have the metal finished and blued but the wood is the problem. I finally found a pattern and it is due back any day from the duplicator.
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