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Lithgow SMLE scope mounts
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What options are out there? Scout scope? looking for any ideas.
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buddy has the Canadian made mount on a no4 mk3. No drill, side mount . works very well.
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Aussie pal sent me a Lynx base and ring set for a SMLE build I did. Very nice, solid set up.
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Weaver side mount , older redfield bridge mounts are still available , scout style , I don't know of any .weaver top mount , can't remember the # but have them out back .
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Check with Brownells...I just ordered a S&K "NO DRILL" mount for my 1903A3 and there were M96/98 mounts and SMLE listed.

I have 2 Swedes, one OEM "Long Tom" and one tricked out for target/hunting with a receiver sight...and two SMLE jungle carbines...I can't see sh** anymore so I need to scope ALL of them...I LIKE those deadly little 6.5 boolits. Big Grin tu2 BOOM

S&K has been around a long time and the mounts are solid.

READ the fine print and go online to S&K's site for all the info and part numbers.

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Originally posted by wetdog2084:
What options are out there? Scout scope? looking for any ideas.

If you don't mind drill&tapping, Weaver base # TO-1 is a one piece base for the SMLE. 2 holes in the recv;r ring and 2 in the charger bridge. Takes standard Weaver rings. No bolt handle alterations needed,
I think they offer another base w/a similar # that sits just a little higher and farther forward if you need that.

I just got done filling and making the holes from one of these disappear on a nice mid 20's SMLE for a customer.
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I have one of these on my 1918 Lithgow in 350Myra

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