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Short barrel 6.5x55 loads?

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12 March 2021, 20:47
Bruce in WV
Short barrel 6.5x55 loads?
RL22 seems to be the recommended powder for most 6.5x55 120-140gr loads in 20-24" barreled rifles, but I wonder if its best for my 18" psuedo-scout. Is there a faster burning powder I should be using in my M38 Swede for my 140gr Sierra TMK loads?
14 March 2021, 04:34
Hornady 3rd edition, shows an 18" barrel used for their data.
They list 2500 fps with powders ranging from IMR 4320 - 39.7 grns
H4831 -46.2 grns
with the 140 grn Horn bulets.
14 March 2021, 07:36
Bruce in WV
Thank you. That's exactly what I needed.
20 April 2021, 21:02
36-37 ish grains of Varget make a nice combo. Load 36 in my 260 Remington with a 156 grain Privi bullet. Great load.

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