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98 Mauser in 243
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After much hair pulling my 98 Mauser is shooting fine. Actualy it fired great from the start. It just did not feed at all. I worked for some time to get the action to put the round in the chamber. The gun smith called to say it was ready. I asked what he did. He said he polished the throat. I need to ask, how this is done.
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I think he's referring to/calling the feed ramp the throat. The throat is the area between the actual chamber and the beginning of the rifling, and has nothing to do with feeding.
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I've also found the best way to get a M98 to handle a 243, 260 etc is to put a spacer in the rear of the box moving the loaded round forward.

As usual just my $.02
Paul K
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Find a new gunsmith if he told you that, regardless of what he meant. 308 based ammo sometimes does not feed perfectly from Mausers, whose feed rails are optimized for a more tapered case; the 8x57 Mauser. When they were converted to 308 buy the Israelis, they used a spacer at the rear of the mag which helps.
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