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As most of you would know I have a major thing for Lee Enfields and sporter Krags, but as I dont have a Krag (YET)lets see your smellie sporters...or is that sporter smellies...whichever.....whip 'em out and lets see 'em tu2

You've all seen my 7x57R on other threads, so this one belongs to a local bloke in this area and he uses it for match shooting...hope you don't mind me posting it Lithy.


......should get a few from the Canadians, eh !

( sorry, couldn't resist that )
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My brother's Navy Arms Summit rifle in .45-70:

My 1st project (chopped up No4 Mk1, scraping up money to have it reblued):

My 2nd project (Lee Speed rifle in .22 Hornet, also waiting to be reblued):

If I can get these done, I know where I can grab a Parker Hale sporter and a Santa Fe at a good price. Probably going to sell something so I can finish these at the same time.
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The top is a .303 the bottom is a 45.70 I built both of them.

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I've long been a 45-70 fan and to see one in a bolt gun just gets my juices flowing.

Nicely done sir.

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