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Howa 1500 Carbon Fiber?
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Anyone have one of these?

I am tired of packing 15 pound guns, and paying to build something really light is kind of freightning.
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I don't own one, but from all the good things I hear about Howa rifles it should be ok.
Did a bit of checking and Sportsman's Warehouse has the 6.5 PRS version for $999.99.
Not a bad price.

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7.8 lbs is not all that light. There are a lot of good rifles (and different choices) out there that weigh that or less. But I have also heard good things about Howa.
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Have a mini in .222

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Best production lightweight rifle is the Tikka T3X superlite that they private label for both Sportsman's Warehouse & Cabela's 5.9 lbs. ~$700 IIRC.

I have two. Very accurate, available in lots of caliber.


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I will second the Tikka T3 or newer T3X for light weight.
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I've heard lots of good about the Tikka but never owned one. I use 3 Howa mini's with excellent+ results. Admittedly 2 of them have Douglas barrels on them.
I have not used the standard Howa actions but they're the same as a Vanguard so I'd suspect they'd be excellent.
Lots of great options out there for less than 15 lbs!

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