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Best brass?
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Buying new brass for reloading my 340wby. Any thoughts on who makes the best? Thanks, Optik1
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I have used Norma/Weatherby brass for 20 years with zero issues/problems.
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Norma and then Remington. Not too many companies are making Weatherby brass these days.

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I've used WBY (ie., Norma) and Remington for the .300s. Both have served well and given long case life. Remington brass is heavier (less internal capacity). The difference is about like the difference between Winchester .308 Win and Lake City. I use 2 to 3 grains decrement then chrono.
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I prefer Norma then Nosler brass
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There are other good brands but once I got onto Norma brass I stayed with it and never looked back. Here, component availability is sometimes an issue but Norma has always been available when I needed brass. It has good reloading life too. I don't anneal and find I can recycle Norma brass for up to 20 reloads before it's unuseable.

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120 cases of Norma/Weatherby will take care of you, your son, and your grand son.

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I have shot the .257 Wby and .340 Wby for many years and when this debate started I could not remember what different brass I had used. I looked at all my inventory and I have never used anything but Norma. It has always been great to work with. Good shooting.

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Norma is good but I like Lapua.
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When I got my first 340 years ago I could not find any Wby brass. So I bought a 100 Remington 375 H&H brass. Once thru the size die, load and shoot. Those cases lasted just fine. I now have Wby brass as well. Wby brass is very good and has slightly more capacity but the Rem brass works fine
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No doubt some brands are better than others, however, my favorite will continue to be the free kind. I can throw a bunch of it away and still be ahead of the game.


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I would say Norma. As i recall, Norma is the only brass maker that drills the flash holes.. all others are punched.
If that is still true,it say a lot to me about quality vs production.

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I buy up old stock or once fired RWS when I'm in Germany. Really like it
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RWS is the best of the best, Lapua is next best and its a horse race between them..

I mostly shoot Privi Partisan (PPU) these days as its cheap and its good stuff..I order it from MIdway or grafs & Sons..

PMP if you can find, its heavy stuff and last two lifetimes..

I suspect best brass is too close to call. Favorite brass is opinion..

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