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Summer food plots for deer
one of us
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It seems like you have found out what to grow. Now you can fine tune planting times, plots sizes etc. Of course, every year is different so your results will vary.

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one of us
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Well, it is getting to be that time again. In retrospect, I think that 95% plus of what I planted was a total waste of time & money. It wasn't that the critters didn't like some of it. They destroyed it is less than a week. I think the reality is that some of the sun hemp I planted was beneficial and that was it.

I have given it a lot of thought since mid- season. I know I had to make a change.

Here is what I have done or plan to do:

1- Starting on 2/1, I went heavy duty on the protein . I have 4 feeders that are 1250 pounds each and 7 that are 300 pounds each. The deer are terrorizing these feeders. The deer have CONSUMED over 10,000 pounds of protein feed thus far.

2- I had a skid steer come in and open up some super thick areas to create more natural browse.

3- I have been all over the property looking for patches of natural browse. For example, gall berries, black berries, green brier, etc. These have all been sprayed with Antler Grow . This provides micronutrients through the natural browse once they have been sprayed.

4- I have modified certain food plots to make them larger.

5- I have added others food plots.

6- I am reconsidering what to plant. Two things occurred to me. One is where I always see deer. The side of the road. The other is what I have had the most success planting up there. Grasses, rye grass and buck forage oats soecifically. I have decided , for the most part to make Argentine Bahia the base of the plots and over seed with something else such as Alyce clover or buckwheat. The Bahia is a perennial so there should be a long term cost savings. It is also reasonable high in protein.

7- By blind luck, I found a retired guy who lives close by. He has worked in agriculture for a very long time. He know the ropes in that area especially fertilizers, seeds, etc. His knowledge will be beneficial.

8- I am going to plant some more natural browse such as ragweed.

9-There is a particular vine that grows up there trees. I believe the deer are eating the leaves. No leaf appears low enough for the deer to eat. They have all been eaten. I am pulling all of those down low enough for the deer to eat.

This has got to work.
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It sounds like you are dialing things in.

Is the vine green with small thorns? Greenbirar, smilax, might be it. One an established vine you might be able to cut it off a foot high and then get a bunch of new sprouts. I have done this with smilax so just try it with a few first.

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