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what barrel length
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i want to do more small game hunting with a revolver.i have decided on the ruger single six convertible.( 22lr /22 mag)would there be a big difference between the 6.5 and 9.5 inch barrels.whats the formula to figure out the 3 inch difference in velocity talking rabbits to fox at around 30-40 yard max.
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Essay, Thanks for posting the link. Very valuable research by Saeed.
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I like the 9.5" barrel not so much for the velocity as the sight radius. If you are mounting a red dot the length of barrel is not as important. Thanks for the info. Be Well, Packy
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I like the 6.5" barrel because it is easier to carry in a holster. The 9.5" to me is just too long. I doubt if there is really much difference for actual small game shooting. I mostly shoot cottontails and jackrabbits with mine. I have a single-six in .32 H&R with the 5.5 inch barrel and it also works fine on rabbits.
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Be aware that when you put a red dot sight onto a pistol, it will usually sit high above the barrel and as such your aim may be way high except at a small range of distances.
Example: At 10 yards can be 2 inches high. At 25 yards can be dead on. At 35 and beyond can be way off.
Remember to assess impact vs aim at distances you will engage targets at.

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