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I know you guys like Cats...
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I have to tell you a story thats been unfolding in my Dads neighborhood. Well... the last 6 months there has been a Bobcat and a Mountainlion trolling my dads Exclusive upscale gated neighborhood. The residance are all upset because the cats are pulling cats and 2 dogs out of the yards. So a HOA meeting was formed with game and fish, I went to put my two cents in... well game and Fish told the neighbors... "so what? It hasnt harmed anyone... keep pets indoors if you are worried". Well the sissafied neighbors got outraged, so game and fish said... "Well if you spot them... call us, we will send someone out" which is short for shutting them up. I got up and spoke my two cents a said I would rather see the nieghborhood loose a few cats and dogs, then not have these animals in the backdrop.

I think they (game and fish) took the right approach. They only level headed neighbor is a guy that lives about 5 houses down from dads. I was talking to him and he was telling me how his 17 coy fish were all eaten in one night... Man this guy was excited! He asked if I thought the cat would come back if he restocked his pond. I said... probably. So he did but was unable to see who took them again.

The funny thing is... my dad got a letter last year about keeping your pets indoors... The letter was in concern of a resident whose half eaten cat turned up on top of a 35" light poll, by a bird. God his neighborhood is great.
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Sounds like a fun place to me! Which point of the compass would one use to proceed from your place to his?
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