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Re: GC II Grand Opening
one of us
Hello all! I have arrived at Fort Riley, Kansas, and should be out of the "active" army next monday, except for terminal leave. I'm checking in, now, because I will be too busy to check in daily once I get home. At least I hope I will.

I'm grateful for all the things you good folks have said and done to keep my spirits up, during this difficult year or so.

We had quite an exciting time leaving Iraq, including rocket attacks, and an under 200 foot separation near miss between our C130 and two F-15s, and the resultant near vertical descent and overstressing of that beautiful C130 airframe.

Continental Airlines gets my undying gratitude for providing their newest and best aircraft, a Boeing 777 with the best passenger interior option, just to haul troops home from Iraq/Kuwait. I got lucky and was able to sit in First Class for part of the trip. What a deal!

I may check in once more before I get back home, but weekly will be the best I'll be able to check for a little while. Frankly, I just have too much to catch up on and do to justify spending too much time on the net.
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one of us
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Well Done Mr. 120mm! We rejoice in your return. Highest regards, ned
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Welcome back 120mm.
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one of us
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Bless your bones Boy! Good to have you back home from the Hill!
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I lurcked around for a long time enjoying, but it is time to say good deal 120 mm I rember well after 33yrs what it is like to make the trip back to the world.
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