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My neighbor stopped by my dad's yesterday morning to visit. He informed my dad that he has finally got some cats started out at his farm. He doesn't live there, but wants cats to keep the mice and such things out of his barn. His farm is touching my land, and I can't stand cats especially when they dig in my trash and prey on the quail, and baby rabbits around my place. He informed my dad that he finally had a couple of females that had litters of 8 and 6 in his out buildings.

I thought this would be the best place for some advise on what I should do? Any info would be appreciated.
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You should send a thank you note to your neighbor for being so kind as to tell you. You might also ask permission to hunt varmints at his place as he doesn't live there. Its a good time also to advise him to provide lots of food for the cats. (Careful conservation will allow much hunting once the colony is established, without damaging the rabbit and quail population. Others may advise you on proper choice of sidelock game guns, traps and etc., or even modern phasers and tasers.)
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Sight-in your 220 Swift about one inch high at 100 yards and you should have no problems with impacts out to 300 yards.
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Your circumstance seems ideal to me. Sounds like a thinly populated area and the perp is not around to interfere! Take a tip from the name of the new Winchester cartridges, namely, Shoot and Shovel. As in WSSM. We don't do the Shutup thing well here, so come back and tell us your field results with bait and 10 Ga. 3", Calls supported by a Bushmaster or 10/22, and even the long range red mist stories are appreciated!

Our Luddite boys might give some tips about civil war cannons and black, high tech types may inform about the .338-.416 Lapua with MK's. 120mm is a recent new member of the double thump approach, and if you have an off road vehicle it can be the source of endless amusement! I have found from personal experience that a non-synchro 4-on-the-floor in a pickup is a great challenge. Hell, it's a spectator sport if you ask me!

If you have the time to scroll back through the archives you will find sound advice about all manner of soultions, ranging from chain saws to ancient war engine and pumpkin cannons, so let your imagination run with it, the answer will come to you. We even have some Chiminese help available, though it gets a bit spicey at times.

Best part is that if things go off the rail, you may seek counsel with Aunt Tabby via postings here.


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"Kill them all and let God sort them out",cats that is.Sight in a .223 an 1 1/2" high at a 100yds. that puts it dead on at 200 yds. and 8" low at 300 yds.My personal favorite cat load in the .223 is Federal Gold Medal Match brass a CCI primer and a stout load of Benchmark under a Berger 45 gr.MEF.I love the sound that combo makes when impacting ranch cougars,Whop!!!!. 50gr.Speer TnT's and Hornady 50gr V-Maxs work fine also.Welcome to the forum and good hunting.A little known secret I'll share with you is..... 2 pigeons in a cage wired on top of a fence post will draw in ranch cougars like they're on a string.If I didn't have to finish up branding today I'd be more than happy to help out.
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Wolfer; how about a ranch cougar load for my 300WM. I have seen plenty of them while deer hunting. They must have been feasting on the deer just before season started. That�s got to be the reason for not seeing a deer during firearm season.
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