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Penetration of 110 gr. X bullet in cal. .308..?

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16 August 2019, 18:22
Penetration of 110 gr. X bullet in cal. .308..?
Hallo Guys.

Given a 110 gr. Barnes X a muzzle velocity of,- say 2900 fps, what can we expect of penetration in the smaller game animals..?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

17 August 2019, 07:47
Small game being deer sized or coyote sized?

God Bless, Louis
17 August 2019, 16:52
Small game being deer.
17 August 2019, 22:18
In a monolithic it will be sufficient for broadside shots, the problem is it will be extremely destructive on animal parts and ruin a lot of good meat monolithic or not.

Penetration may or may not be enough for a Texas heart shot, and that's a negative in that on occasions things go south and you may need to take a Texas Heart shot to anchor a wounded animal..

You would be much wiser to go to at least a 125 to a 130 gr. bullet, they seem to work well, under most circumstances.

My choice in the .308 has been the 150, and 165 grs, Accubond..It simply works under all circumstances on deer..

Ray Atkinson
Atkinson Hunting Adventures
10 Ward Lane,
Filer, Idaho, 83328
18 August 2019, 12:45
Thank you Mr. Atkinson for your reply.
03 October 2019, 02:39
You could expect complete penetration with broadside shots, and very deep penetration with frontal shots as well.

I disagree with Ray about ruined meat using Barnes. That has not been my experience, at all, but I do tend to stay off the shoulders.

I suspect you are looking for reduced recoil with a slower, lighter bullet?
04 October 2019, 18:49
I do not know about the 110, 308, but an old man I know loads the 110 grain, 277, in his 270 Win pushed as fast as it can go.

He has killed few 200 pound bucks with it and a whole mess of foes. A bit light for my taste, but I cannot argue with results. He shoots hos deer 200 yards and in. Usually, a lot more in.
06 October 2019, 23:05
My son uses the 130 TTSX in his 308. He has killed medium sized mule deer and full sized cow elk with excellent results. Not a lot of meat damage and the last two animals that I am aware of were DRT. The rest have gone very short distances. Book Velocity is just shy of 3000 fps. I don't have a chrono to measure it with. DW
08 October 2019, 11:15
I have used the Barnes XLC in 165 at 2800 in 308 on deer and that will shoot all the way through one from front to back.
31 December 2019, 16:29
it'll kill about as well as a good load 243 - i would not expect to recover bullets in most game with it. i would expect more blood shot meat than a 150 at 2600, though.

good hunting

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02 January 2020, 02:48
Ive seen a number of deer shot with 110 gr. Barnes X with the .308, and 30-06 and if you must then pick your shot carefully and place the bullet behind the shoulder, not in the shoulders, even at that I being the skinner for the paying hunters have seen some real blood shot smaller deer and more on the bigger deer..High velocity can wound as well as it can kill is my observation, Extremeist in both directions will sooner or later have failures, thus my take on not using 110 or 220s on deer..I suggest 150s for deer and 165 or 180s for elk..Why not?

Ray Atkinson
Atkinson Hunting Adventures
10 Ward Lane,
Filer, Idaho, 83328
06 February 2020, 02:30
I shot two Texas Hill Country does with the 130 gr. Barnes TTSX from a .308. The first was about 85 yards through both lungs and dropped her in her tracks. The bullet damage through the lungs was about 2.5 inches in diameter. However, the exit hole was only about .5 inches. The next one angled back more and also hit the liver. Again, lots of tissue damage but a small exit hole. She ran about 40 yards in thick brush and was hard to find due to the lack of a blood trail. These bullets both did plenty of internal damage, but I prefer a little bigger exit so there is a blood trail.
31 May 2020, 06:50
I shot 110 Gr. Sierra reloads in .308 Win for Texas-sized whitetails from 1970 to 1985. killed a ton of them, deader than hell. Penetration was fine. I can only imagine what a modern 110 would do on them.

I used 125 gr. for New Mexico mule deer, and 150 gr. for African plains game. My New Mexico elk round was 168gr factory load. I never liked firing 180gr. I never felt I needed it.
04 June 2020, 07:02
A few years ago I loaded up a bunch of 110 tsx bullets for my brother's 30-06, with the intent that they would be shot up at the range. Unbeknownst to me he actually used those loads to go deer hunting, I think for about 4 seasons. All were full pass throughs including a shoulder shot on a 230lb buck. All 7 deer that to took had massive amounts of bloodshot meat. Do your freezer a favor and use heavier bullets.

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06 June 2020, 16:06
I've shot a bunch of deer with Copper monos and have loaded them for friends who've takes a like number of deer with them/ I have [articipated in the skinning and butchering of the vast majority of those deer. I have never seen a mono tear up meat like a cup and core bullet does at short range. I have only knowledge of one of them that stopped in a deer, and that was a corner to corner shot on a good sized buck.

The deer I have seen killed have been killed with .223s up to 50 ML with velocities up to 3580 FPS. Nothing approaching bullet failure in any way either. This is over more than 100 deer.
06 May 2021, 01:07
Well I will put it a different way, if you drive any bullets 3200 to 4000 FPS you get soup..If you keep velocity down to 2500 to perhaps 2800 fps your probably ok or border line on meat damage..

Ive shot many deer with 125 AND 130 GR. cup and core bullets, and they are fine at 2500 to 2600 in my 308 and 30-06..devastating at 3000 FPS..

Ive used only 120 gr. Barnes x in my 7x57 and it was pretty good, but small deer made lots of traks it seemed to me, exit holes were small indicating a lack of expansion..

I tried many different combinations of light fast bullets, some worked and some not so well, finally decided to just use 150s in the 308 and 06, get a good blood trail, less destruction, no blow up on shoulders or heavy bone..Just worked best for me and meat loss was less, meat loss on elk shoulders is something I dislike, on deer its so minimal that I guess it makes little difference...

Very limited experience with the 110 BX, but based on that I would tend to load them down a bit if it were me.

Ray Atkinson
Atkinson Hunting Adventures
10 Ward Lane,
Filer, Idaho, 83328